I was so pleased with how my Spring Flower Earrings turned out that I decided to create this pretty flower garland as an accompaniment. 


I made each flower separately with size 11/0 Toho seed beads in brilliant white. All of them have frosted lemon centres and are edged with blush pink beads. To shape the petals as well as to add some sparkle, 3mm citrus yellow rondelles were placed at the centre of all the flowers.


This 52cm long garland is made by interconnecting 9 flowers of varying sizes, measuring from 4cm at the edge to the largest central flower which measures 7.5cm across. Connections were creating with AB bead drops which give an impression of dewdrops hovering from petal tips. I also wanted this piece to have a bit more relaxed feel and instead of attaching a fixed clasp, I decided on adding ties to both ends. These 25cm long RAW ties were made with the main colour beads in brilliant white. Each tie is tipped off with another flower and these are the smallest in the series at only 3cm across. These flowers provide additional weight and keep the ties hanging down your back once tied into a bow or a knot. And once tied you could even slip the neck piece over your head like a beautiful garland.


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Spring Flowers Garland

SKU: N0030
  • New floral neckpiece in brilliant white with dashes of happy yellows and blush pinks.